Zero Installation

No client side installation required. The functionality is accessible with all commonly used web browsers. Recommended minimum browser versions are Mozilla Firefox 12, Google Chrome 15.0, Internet Explorer 9 and actual browsers on mobile devices.

Collaborative Sessions

Multiple users may work on a single case from different working places. User manipulation is instantly broadcasted to the participating attendants.

Ergonomic Interaction

The user interface follows your focal point. Shorter mouse movements improve ergonomics and increase productivity.

Export Functionality

Secondary capture of still images and animations to standardized DICOM format.

Live Preset Gallery

Easy selection of presets from live computed display presets. Live preset gallery provides an instant preview of the visual appearance.

Volume Cropping

Interactive axis aligned cropping planes provide a simple way to restrict the volume of interest to anatomic features.

Slab Slice Mode

An easy to use tool to traverse an arbitrarily thick volume of interest through the data. Slab mode is applicable perpendicular to any volume axis. This feature is commonly used for lung nodule investigations.


Interactive maximum intensity projection display of CT and MRI data. Greyscale and color coded MIP display is possible. Color coded MIP display supports highlighting of anatomical features.


Interactive greyscale and color volume rendering. All volume display computation is performed on the original data resolution.


Hybrid volume rendering combines the advantages of MIP and DVR in a single picture. Highlighting positions of implants and stents is quick and straightforward.


Shadow volume rendering greatly enhances the visual perception of the volumetric structure.

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