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The Electronic Health Record

The SpiritElectronicHealthRecord is a modular system and can contain different products which are selected by individual needs. Full IHE Profile-based interoperability is provided.


The SpiritEMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) consists of a SpiritPIX (Patient Identifier Cross-referencing) Manager and a SpiritPDQ (Patient Demographics Query) - Supplier. These two products enable an enterprise site-wide patient management, supporting all IHE-Transactions, including PIX-notifications (using, e.g. FHIR), and multiple matching-algorithms.

XDS Registry/Repository

The SpiritXDS (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing) is our IHE-Compliant Document Management System. With the inclusion of ETS, the Electronic Timestamping, we ensure audit-proof archiving of documents.

Audit Record Repository

The SpiritARR provides a repository for audit events. It is part of the Audit Trail and Node Authentication IHE Profile and serves basic security. Additionally to the Audit Record Repository, we provide a so called SpiritA2R2 - a lightweight and easy to use interface to submit more statistical data, and store for subsequent handling in the SpiritReporting.

Health Service Bus

The SpiritHSB is our integration-component. It provides functions for transforming, validating, dispatching and deep integration for obtaining additional information. From HL7v2, HL7v3, SOAP, FHIR to the desired IHE-service.

Health Portal

SpiritHealthPortal delivers our user interface, for query, retrieve, add, edit patient information and document information. It implements the IHE Actors of source and consumers to PIX and XDS. Additionally, we provide a vaccination portal for Austria.

Time Stamping Authority

SpiritTSA, a private time stamping authority, provides (GDPR non-qualified) electronic timestamps conforming to RFC 3161 Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP). The SpiritTSA is the basis for the ETS (ETS - Electronic Time-stamping and Signature management) that allows a revision safe, audit-proof archiving of documents in conjunction with SpiritXDS or SpiritHSB.

DICOM Connector

The DICOM Connector provides the possibility to register DICOM studies in the IHE environment. It acts as a flexible interface to the PACS providing various standardized and proprietary access protocols and allows image routing between remote DICOM archives.

DICOM Viewing

An integrable, lightweight, zero-installation web solution for image display. Taking advantage of image, MPR and volumetric display, the solution provides support for various radiology use cases (mammography, nuclear medicine, image fusion and many more).

Access Control System

The SpiritAccessControlSystem takes the decision, if a person is allowed to retrieve the requested information. It additionally takes care of your patient-individual policies, and enforces them.

Health Provider Directory

The SpiritHPD is administered using the so called SpiritHPDAdmin. It allows the administration of organizations, and the users as well as the applications available in the enterprise.


Gathers all kinds of individually selected statistics and key data from almost any transaction and stores the data in a conventional database or Elastic.

Admin Centre

The SpiritAdminCentre is the centralized logging tool for all services. Every transaction happening can be viewed and checked. It also contains a viewing application for the Audits, using either syslog protocol, or RestFul ATNA. A maintenance tool for the SpiritQueue is available, as well as a DSub Management UI

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