diploma thesis `extended cameras for ray tracing'

although this project has its interesting theoretical aspects, the most impressing one is a set of pictures. i use the public domain ray tracer pov (version 2.2) for rendering scenes, which come with this program. i patched this copy of pov to have it using my cameras. a list of already rendered pictures follows:

each row of the list shows a convential view of the scene at the left and an image rendered using one of my cameras at the right. to get one of the images in full resolution, click on it. the size of this image and the resolution is listed for each image. if you are interested in some deeper information about the images click on the `note' sign just at the end of the line with the interesting pictures.

[get picture] 613k, 800x600. [get picture] 597k, 800x600. [annotation]

[get picture] 326k, 800x600. [get picture] 333k, 800x600. [annotation]

last update: september 29, 1996. if you have any comments, please send a mail to helwig@cg.tuwien.ac.at.
helwig löffelmann, technical university of vienna.