2D Points Curve Reconstruction Survey and Benchmark

S. Ohrhallinger1 and J. Peethambaran2 and A. D. Parakkat3 and T. K. Dey4 and R. Muthuganapathy5

1TU Wien     2Saint Mary's University     3IIT Guwahati     4Purdue University     5IIT Madras

Eurographics 2021 STAR Paper preprint (3.2 MB) arXiv version



Curve reconstruction from unstructured points in a plane is a fundamental problem with many applications that has generated research interest for decades. Involved aspects like handling open, sharp, multiple and non- manifold outlines, run-time and provability as well as potential extension to 3D for surface reconstruction have led to many different algorithms. We survey the literature on 2D curve reconstruction and then present an open- sourced benchmark for the experimental study. Our unprecedented evaluation on a selected set of planar curve reconstruction algorithms aims to give an overview of both quantitative analysis and qualitative aspects for helping users to select the right algorithm for specific problems in the field. Our benchmark framework is available online to permit reproducing the results, and easy integration of new algorithms.


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We show 21 different evaluations with up to 15 algorithms and a total of >2000 point sets here.

All input data and algorithms are available in the repo below.

Source code

The Gitlab repository contains all our source code under an open source license.


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