About me

I am a software developer from Vienna, Austria and currently employed at Bitbird GmbH. Primarily, I try to work in the backend and on our mobile apps, both build using C#, .Net, EF, Xamarin and MS Azure. But life's no picnic, so sometimes I end up doing front-end stuff involving ember.js, JS and npm.

I am interested in VR/AR applications and I really enjoy working with Unity. I also worked on a project with Microsoft's Holo Lens, which was super exciting.


I studied computer science at TU Wien and have a MSc in Visual Computing.

What else...?

I really like art and like to draw. Check out the Art section!
My family is originally from Italy and Greece, but as life can be a strange chain of coincidences, I grew up in Vienna, Austria. I also spent a year in Copenhagen, Denmark, as exchange student in computer science at KU.

Technologies I use

I came in touch with various technologies during my studies and work, here are some of my favourites:

C Sharp Dotnet Unity Android Python Azure Java Javascript

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