What I do.

Software development
Backend and mobile development, preferably in C#/.Net, Xamarin or Android. I am also experienced in Python, JS and node.js. Open for new technologies - after 6 years at TU, almost nothing can shock me.

Computer Graphics, VR & AR
What I studied and love! I have experience with Unity and Microsoft's Holo Lens, but also did 2D games with canvas elements and visualizations with SVG's in d3.

I have a good overview on (I)IoT technologies and trends with extended knowledge of the Sigfox ecosystem and LPWAN's.

Project Management
I have experience managing (small) IT-Projects via SCRUM and Kanban. I also develop concepts and project plans and prefer to have my work (somewhat) managed.

Requirement Analysis
I am a social person and actually like talking to customers. (Yes, really!) Especially requirement analysis and communicating between tech-staff and customers interest me.

Art & Design
Although self-taught and not a professional designer, I have a passion for design and art. I can handle modern graphics software (both vector & pixel graphics) and can produce something print-ready.