My talk at CESCG 2015 is now available on YouTube

Everything you need to know to hold a great talk – or the story of how I made an idiot out of myself at CESCG 2015. 🙂

Everyone knows a good talk when they see it, but no one seems to know what really makes a good talk. There is much more to a talk than just the slides: your posture, energy, enthusiasm, and many other factors contribute greatly to holding a great and memorable talk. We explore both success and failure cases to make sure you know exactly what you should work on to get better!

This talk was held at the 19th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics (CESCG 2015), Smolenice.

Lunch at our institute

If only my papers would get such great reviews! 😉mahlzeit2

CESCG 2015

A teaser of my upcoming talk at CESCG 2015. It’s going to be lots of fun! 😉 The full program will be up here soon.