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2020/06/03 – Our Photorealistic Material Editing paper has been accepted to EGSR 2020.

2020/02/21 – My PhD defense has been successful. Whew! Thank you so much to Michael Wimmer and everyone in our group at the TU Wien for all the amazing memories. I have learned so much!

2019/12/17 – Our teaser image of the Photorealistic Material Editing paper won the 2020 Computer Graphics Forum cover contest. What an honor, thank you so much!

2019/09/12 – Our new paper, Photorealistic Material Editing Through Direct Image Manipulation is now available!

2019/06/27 – Back from the conference! Here is some more info about it.

2019/05/19 – I will speak at this year’s NATO Conference in a panel with Maciej Surowiec, Director of Governmental Affairs at Microsoft, Tim Hwang, Director of Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative at Harvard / MIT among others. What an honor! Even though this will be a speaking opportunity, the conference has an amazing roster of speakers and I expect to learn a lot there. Can’t wait!

2018/09/24 – Big news: I will hold a talk on AI in the EU’s European Political Strategy Centre on October 16th. The objective of the talk is to inform political decision makers about the state of the art in AI so they can make more informed decisions. Looking forward to attending this conference!

2018/08/04 – Out of more than 120 articles, our teaser image was used as the cover art for ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 37 Issue 4, August 2018. See it here or here.

2018/05/16 – Our work is presented in the official SIGGRAPH 2018 Technical Papers Teaser video! This is as big of an honor as it gets. Thank you so much!

2018/04/12 – Our latest paper has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 2018. In this work, we teach an AI the concept of metallic, translucent materials and more. Have a look!

2018/03/02 – I have narrated a paper for the Google AI Lab. More info here. What an honor, thank you so much!

2018/02/12 – Martin Mautner added a Mitsuba implementation for the adaptive MLT paper. Thank you so much!

2017/12/27 – I just realized that this earlier work has been “immortalized” in pbrt, the Holy Scripture of all Rendering literature. Wow, I can hardly imagine a higher honor for a rendering paper, thanks so much! Due to popular request, I have also uploaded its implementation as well.

2017/03/27 – We have deployed a huge update to smallpaint, make sure to have a look. Kind thanks to Michael Oppitz for his contributions, he has done some amazing work on the renderer!

2017/02/14 – The channel has reached two million views. And I am just sitting here in disbelief.

2017/01/01 – A mini-interview with some Two Minute Papers action has appeared on Digital Trends. Kind thanks to Luke Dormehl for writing it!

2016/11/29 – A collaboration with Jonathan Tompson from the Google Brain team and Ken Perlin from the New York University has been added, noting that my role in this project was rather minuscule. It is a really cool piece of work on convolutional neural networks and fluid simulations, make sure to have a look!

2016/11/11 – Our CGF Cover award got some coverage at the TU Wien university news site.

2016/10/03 – Christian Freude has won the OCG Förderpreis 2016 with his amazing master’s thesis!

2016/06/24 – Manuel Dobusch’s master’s thesis on wind-terrain interactions is now available here.

2016/05/14 – Two Minute Papers has reached one million views within its first year of existence. That is absolutely amazing, thanks so much everyone for your awesome support!

2016/02/11 – We have reached 5000 subscribers on Two Minute Papers. The series is also slowly closing in on 0.5 million views. Wow!

2016/02/05 – Felix König’s seminar report on Upsampling Fluid Simulations is now available.

2016/02/05 – Ádám Papp’s seminar report on Global Illumination In Participating Media is now available.

2016/02/02 – Our work on Separable Subsurface Scattering has won 1st place at the 2016 CGF Cover Contest!

2015/09/26 – My student, Sarah El-Sherbiny wrote a great term paper on manipulating physically-based light transport.

2015/09/01 – I will be holding an invited talk on ray tracing and global illumination at the Function 2015 demoparty. What an honor! The timetable is available here. Update: the talk is now available here!

2015/07/17 – A new interview is now available, this time in Hungarian.

2015/06/18 – My student, Christian Freude won the EPILOG Distinguished Young Alumnus award with his master’s thesis. Congratulations! 🙂

2015/05/11 – Our work has caused a bit of a buzz in the online media! 🙂

2015/03/26 – The first Rendering lecture is now available online! The rest of the course will also be available as we go.

2015/03/24 – I was invited to hold a talk on the first day of CESCG 2015 (April 20th) on how to hold talks. The talk-talk, if you will. 🙂 It will be recorded and is likely to be available on YouTube afterwards. See you there!

2015/03/07 – A patch and a configuration file for Google DeepMind’s Deep Q-learning algorithm is now available.

2015/02/26 – We have implemented Separable Subsurface Scattering in 4k. Check it out!

2015/02/12 – Two new interviews are now available through the blog page.

2015/02/07 – The fifth episode of Science With Digressions is now available. New episodes will keep coming, but will be not announced here. Check this page for updates in the future!

2015/02/05 – Kevin Streicher’s seminar report on biased light transport techniques (and more) is now available here.

2015/02/02 – It’s barely February and I was lucky enough to obtain review invitations for 4 different venues. Thanks so much for trusting my expertise (or the lack thereof)! 🙂 (tweet)

2015/01/22 – The fourth episode of Science and Digressions is now available.

2015/01/16 – The third episode of Science and Digressions is now available.

2015/01/14 – Christian Freude has defended his master’s thesis. His work is of extraordinary quality and is available here.

2015/01/13 – Separable Subsurface Scattering is in the news all around the world!

2015/01/04 – The second episode of Science With Digressions is now available.

2015/01/01 – Some New Year Wishes to all readers!

2014/12/30 – The code and an unofficial talk for the Separable Subsurface Scattering project are now available.

2014/12/23 – The first episode of the new web series, Science With Digressions is now available!

2014/12/19 – Our new paper, Separable Subsurface Scattering is now available. It’s some seriously cool stuff, be sure to check it out!

2014/12/17 – Some brief news are up on the Pixel Vienna aftermath. 🙂

2014/12/12 – It’s important to nourish the body and the mind, but the soul is also not to be forgotten.

2014/11/05 – It’s Pixel Vienna time! Only 2 days left until my talk at the conference. You can take a look at the schedule at the official website (local copy) and the speaker list (local copy) See you there!

2014/10/27 – Patrick Fürst graduated with flying colors! Check out his Bachelor thesis here.

2014/10/20 – Manuel Eder’s Reinhard tonemapper changes have been merged to the LuxRender mainline codebase (commit and forum post). Congratulations, great job! 🙂

2014/10/07 – On November 7th I am holding a talk at the PIXEL Vienna 9 conference in the Austrian Academy of Sciences. It will take place between 16:45 and 18:00 in the “Connect To Science” session.

2014/08/22 – Pierre Moreau has completed his internship and contributed some really cool additions to the Automated Lighting Design project. Great work, mister! 🙂

2014/07/19 – Johannes Unterguggenberger has completed his Praktikum on some really interesting, novel applications of the Curvelet Transform. Good stuff, congratulations!

2014/06/22 – Manuel Eder, a Rendering course student implemented the local and global Reinhard tone mapping operator in LuxRender. The patch is now available and is soon going to be merged in the mainline LuxRender code.

2014/05/27 – Silvana Podaras blows away all expectations at CESCG 2014.

2014/05/19 – Pierre Moreau has arrived to our institute! I’ll try my best to guarantee that you have a great time during your stay here. Welcome! 🙂

2014/04/23 – Silvana Podaras had her paper accepted to CESCG 2014. Congratulations! Details are available here.

2014/01/30 – Silvana Podaras has graduated – the title of her thesis is “Automated Lighting Design For Photorealistic Rendering“, and is available here.

2014/01/29 – Pierre Moreau from Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan is dropping by for a project in global illumination. Welcome!

2013/08/30 – Kevin Streicher has graduated – you can read his thesis, “Interactive Scene Manipulation Techniques for Ray Tracing“ here.

2013/07/13 – Christian Machacek,  a Rendering course student added a pbrt-inspired BVH implementation and lots of various other fixes to smallpaint.

2013/07/12 – Jean-Baptiste Kaiser, a Rendering course student added a Metropolis Light Transport implementation to smallpaint.

2013/05/10 – Matthias Boindl and Christian Freude are now done with their joint Praktikum. Nice work guys!