New institute logo

We have made a new logo for our institute at the TU Wien. It contains many exciting elements of computer graphics: fluid simulations, rendering and subsurface scattering. 😉


Nick Bostrom on Artificial Superintelligence

I have heard this argument many times. Nick Bostrom explains beautifully why one shouldn’t think one can just pull the plug on an artificial superintelligence.

Wedding teaser

Soon. 🙂 Photo by Balázs Bergics (click on it to enlarge).fb_borito

IST Austria

My colleague Thomas Auzinger was hired by IST Austria, a research facility in a building that used to be an asylum. We got him a fitting present. 🙂




Just got this comment on our Separable Subsurface Scattering video (click to enlarge it). We’re trying our best, thank you! 🙂comment

A productive week

What a busy week this has been! I was able  to get following done:

  • 13 hours of traveling on Monday,
  • attended to our institute’s group photo,
  • reviewed 2 papers (the second is almost done),
  • audio engineered and cut together 10 videos of our rendering course,
  • drawn figures for our SIGGRAPH ASIA submission,
  • held meetings with my students,
  • prepared part of our new interview.

And I still have this Friday left! Feeling great and it’s getting better. 🙂