Dancing Red Man

This is the Dancing Red Man, an amazingly creative and uplifting work from my former student, Patrick Fürst. It is really staggering how much potential there is in gamification.

Two Minute Papers – Capturing Waves of Light With Femto-photography

Researchers at MIT and the University of Zaragoza used a technique called femto-photography to capture how a waves of light propagate in space and time. Awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

What is femto-photography? To be able to capture how waves of light propagate in space, one would need to build a camera that is able to take one trillion frames per second. At first, this sounds impossible, but researchers at MIT and the University of Zaragoza have managed to crack this nut: in their newest work they published to SIGGRAPH that they call femto-photography, we can observe how a mirror lights up with its image as light propagates from the light source to the camera. All this in slow motion!

Two Minute Papers – Creating Stunning Fluid Simulations with Wavelet Turbulence

A quick two minute explanation of one of the greatest fluid papers ever written: the Academy Award-winning Wavelet Turbulence.

Creating detailed fluid and smoke simulations in Blender and other modeling software is a slow and laborious process that requires a ton of time and resources. Wavelet Turbulence is a technique that helps achieving similar effects orders of magnitude faster. It is also much lighter on memory and is now widely used in the industry, so it’s definitely not an accident that Theodore Kim won an Academy Award (a technical Oscar, if you will) for this SIGGRAPH publication. It is implemented in Blender and is available for everyone free of charge, so make sure to try it out! The paper is available here.

Wedding Photos

The photos have finally arrived. We had an amazing time, it’s such a privilege that all our beloved people (many of whom work abroad) traveled so far to celebrate with us. Click on a photo to enlarge it!

A new interview

A new interview is now available is now available in Hungarian at my alma mater University website. This is more personal, and is mostly about computer graphics, music, and always seeking perfection.

Click here to check it out!

Our Wedding Dance

A Disney fan is a Disney fan everywhere: the end of our wedding dance from 2 days ago. 🙂

New institute logo

We have made a new logo for our institute at the TU Wien. It contains many exciting elements of computer graphics: fluid simulations, rendering and subsurface scattering. 😉


Nick Bostrom on Artificial Superintelligence

I have heard this argument many times. Nick Bostrom explains beautifully why one shouldn’t think one can just pull the plug on an artificial superintelligence.

Wedding teaser

Soon. 🙂 Photo by Balázs Bergics (click on it to enlarge).fb_borito

IST Austria

My colleague Thomas Auzinger was hired by IST Austria, a research facility in a building that used to be an asylum. We got him a fitting present. 🙂