In this Commentary article, we talk about simulations that are close to indistinguishable from reality. This is truly a dream come true – it was a huge honor to be able to show some of the most beautiful research works in computer graphics simulations to more people around the world. I tried to condense 20 years of computer graphics research into 2 pages! As an example, the paper discusses how bubbles can be added to an already existing simulation, substantially enhancing its realism (see above), how these can be sped up by spending the computational resources where it really matters (dark blue regions below, image from Ando et al. 2013).

We also talk about a beautiful computer graphics paper that not only can create a simulation of advanced surface-tension effects, like cherry dropped into water or milk, but it can even do all this in a matter of minutes for a simpler scene (below, image from Lyu et al. 2021).

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There is lots more and it is a really short read, so make sure to have a look! You can read it for free here. The original Nature Physics link is available here.



author={K{\'{a}}roly Zsolnai{-}Feh{\'{e}}r},
title={The flow from simulation to reality},
journal={Nature Physics},
abstract={Fluid simulations today are remarkably realistic. In this Comment I discuss some of the most striking results from the past 20 years of computer graphics research that made this happen.},

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